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Press release Sky Handling

Sky Handling LLC – 10 years: A confident look to the future In the history of the business aviation of Ukraine, there are many events that determine the present day and the future of this key tool for doing business. Created more than 10 years ago, the company marked a new era in the organization of ground handling of Business aviation aircraft. During this time, the brand “Sky Handling” became known and recognized throughout the world as a stable, safe and reliable partner. Looking back on the path you traveled, you can see that each year was no less fruitful than the previous one. A clear confirmation of this is the growing production potential and image.

The history of the company “Sky Handling” originates in 2010. On January 14, 2010 the first flight with VIP passengers on board at the international airport “Boryspil” was serviced. Today the company serves an average of 200 flights per month. The professionalism and skill of our staff is well known in the world and highly appreciated by air operators of all continents.
The company specializes in providing handling services in airports. Direct contracts with market providers allow us to serve the aircraft of our customers not only in Ukraine, but also abroad.

Certificate of conformity. Sky Handling LLC provides services that meet the requirements of the IATA (standard ground handling agreement (SGHA), the current regulatory documents of Ukraine regulating the operation of civil aviation and have the right to operate in the declared area, which is confirmed by the Certificates of Compliance of the CAA of Ukraine No. CWR -SCO-255-04 and IEV-SKO-256-04 /

Quality system. The quality of the services provided to customers is confirmed by the quality certificate No. UA228194 dated 01.06.2016, issued by the International Technical Society Bureau Veritas Ukraine.